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Home Office Ideas If You Have Little To No Space

The generic idea of home offices has changed greatly in the past year. Once thought about as a luxury for people whose properties allowed them enough space to have one, now it has become a necessity for many. But how is it possible to have a home office without having a room specifically dedicated to it you might ask? Well here are some tips for you to do just that:

Survey Your Space

Look at your property, be it a house or an apartment, with new eyes. You might have never noticed that you have space which is unused or which you never thought you could use. Also, be on the lookout for space to which you had assigned a particular ‘role’ but which you can do without. Some examples are walk-in closets, wide hallways or some space under your staircase!

A Practical Working Space

Once you identify an area in which you can set up your makeshift office, make sure to think of practical décor ideas. We’re thinking, ghost chairs, floating shelving, glass desks etc… Another thing you might overlook is some containers where you can store any unfinished work without making your area look cluttered.

Make Your Area Aesthetically Pleasing

As they say, the devil is in the detail. Think of adding some bright light to keep you alter and focused. Add some soft accents to beautify your space such as a throw over on the back of your chair, a scented candle, a tiny plant etc… It’s amazing how much of a difference these details make to the whole area no matter how small it may be. Even a little rug under the desk would do the trick!

Carve Out or Hide Your Space

Since your home office space is being ‘stolen’ from an area which was previously used for another purpose, you might want to do one of two things. If for example, you opt to set up office in the living room, you might want the elements which will make part of your office space to merge in with the rest of the colour and style scheme. If on the other hand, you are using an area which was empty before, you might want to make it stand out. You can do this by adding a pop of colour such as incorporating a bright coloured desk. Another idea is to paint a feature wall or use wallpaper.

As they say, when there is a will, there is a way and we are certain you can create an office space which serves its purpose to the full without making it an eyesore!

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