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Axis Cucine

Axis Cucine designs and manufactures classic and modern modular kitchen units.

Under the leadership of the new entrepreneurial generation, and relying on over 50 years of experience, Axis Cucine is committed to a nonstop improvement process based on expertise, experience and tradition: a mix that is supporting the brand in its competition with the most prestigious names in the field.


Each piece of furniture L’Ottocento draws on the manual processing and the material intensity of solid wood, is enhanced with avant-garde technical equipment and expresses aesthetic and functional refinement, to communicate a timeless style, interpreter of the pleasure of conviviality in the sign of excellence.


Stosa Cucine

Stosa is a beautiful story of one man and his family, and how a dream became reality, guided by a passion transmitted from one generation to the next.
It is also the story of a great company that has been producing quality Italian kitchens for over 50 years and is internationally recognised and appreciated for its innovation and style.

Veneta Cucine

A kitchen project experiences two essential moments: the choice of the product in relation to functional and appearance requirements, and the method of using it through actions and practices that exploit the furnished kitchen to the greatest extent possible and also make it more personal. Its image is created through its expression of the diverse ways of experiencing daily living.

Zampieri Cucine

There is a physical place that is also a place of the mind. Space for the soul, for thought and creativity. Venice is our birthplace but also our inspiration. Here lies our tradition which is also the best made in Italy tradition. In Venice we operate as a craft industry of design, construction, customization of livable, functional kitchens and living rooms.

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