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Why VF Home Decor?

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

At VF we offer all you might need for a private property as well as businesses such as hotels, restaurants etc… This means that whether you are a person who is looking to furnish his/her private property, or an architect or designer looking to furnish your current projects, we can assist you.

From tiles, to internal doors, mirrors, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and so on. Once a prospective client, be it a private client or a designer or architect, shows interest in engaging our services, our journey together begins. The first thing we do is meet up at the property the client would like to furnish in order to get an idea of his/her needs.

Once we have a clear indication of the clients’ needs, we move on to the next step which is showing them what brands we offer that cater for their needs. Since the furniture comes from Italy, one has the option to pick the items needed either through websites or by visiting us in Italy. This depends solely on the client and is by no means a must.

We also assist our private individual clients by giving interior design ideas and help them organise their ideas into a concrete project. The process is indeed quite a simple one, however, we ascertain that the client is guided throughout the whole process no matter how big or small their project is. We currently work in Malta, the UK, Tunisia as well as Portugal and plan to expand further. However, our clients can get in touch with us at any time for guidance or assistance. Once the order is done, VF will handle all the transportation as well as the delivery and installation in the client’s property.

You can browse our website. We offer all types of furniture, from modern to classic, contemporary to antique and also country style furniture.

Yes, all the brands we offer are Italian.

The delivery charge is always based on the weight and volume of the items purchased.

No, there is no need to visit us in Italy to purchase any product.

This depends on what you are looking for.

If you need to furnish all your home from tiles to furniture, we recommend 3 to 4 days.

Yes, we have our designer who comes to measure and checks that all the chosen furniture fits properly within your property.

Yes. We will communicate with you prior to the delivery to choose a date for the delivery and installation.

Yes, we help and suggest colours and styles however in the end the choice is up to you.

Yes, our representative is always available. Only a phone call away.

All cargo is insured whilst travelling, so yes, we change goods should they get damaged

Meet the Team

Vanessa Formosa

Co-Founder & Director

Vanessa is responsible for the overall running of the company. Whether it is handling current clients, working on proposals for potential clients and getting into the nitty-gritty of each job. She has an excellent eye for detail, is a perfectionist and is very passionate about her job. Vanessa has a very positive attitude and makes sure our clients get what they are asking for. Nothing is too much trouble for her as long as the client is happy in the end.

Raisa Anic

Sales Manager

Raisa is responsible for managing our clients' business needs. She is well organized and focuses on each detail. Raisa always strives to assist our clients in what they are looking for, making sure that in the end, they are happy and satisfied with their purchase.

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