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2020 Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any household. Whether you live in a lavish villa or a more modest residence, the kitchen is the place where it is normal for all the family to convene. This is why it is especially important to have a kitchen you simply love and not to compromise! Functionality is of course key to having a kitchen which tends to your needs but that don’t need that it cannot be trendy. Here are some key trends for kitchens this year:


A marble kitchen may be described as a classic and indeed it is. Classic doesn’t mean boring. More likely, it means that you will love your kitchen for years to come and marble is one of these features which never goes out of fashion. Just be careful which materials you choose since this is a kitchen and not a museum! Little accidents are bound to happens so try and opt for materials which don’t stain.

Mix & Match Kitchen Metals

Gone are the days when everything needs to match to perfection. Light fittings, drawers and cupboard handles, water mixers etc… Have fun with these details and enjoy mixing and matching. You could opt for bronze coloured light fittings and have the water mixers and kitchen handles in stainless steel.

Hints of Colour

Whether you choose a traditional or a more modern kitchen, enjoy yourself with adding a touch of colour. Maybe you can incorporate some wallpaper in a traditional kitchen or have the island in a standout colour which doesn’t jar but rather gives the kitchen a touch of joy! If you still prefer having the kitchen furniture in one colour, you could always experiment with the chairs and the table if these are inside your kitchen too.

Dark Floors

If your kitchen is light in colour, a nice dark floor could make a nice contrast. Not to mention that dark floors are also very practical in the kitchen since this room tends to be the one which gets dirties quickest. You can opt for parquet like floors or simply dark tones tiles.

Bold Backsplashes

Not long ago, backsplashes needed to camouflage into the kitchen. Ideally, one would opt for a colour which blends in as much as possible, making the backsplash almost invisible. Well, those days are gone! A backsplash can make or break a kitchen so be convinced of your choice. Backsplashes have taken centerstage and are now sometimes even the focal point of the kitchen. Whether it’s a burst of colour, a mosaic like look or a more mellow pattern, backslashes are now protagonists.

If you want to know more about how to make these trends work for your kitchen or would like to delve deeper into other kitchen trends, get in touch with us today!

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